FAQ's Nail Art Competition

​Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners in each division.​Take this opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and into the competition arena.​

The theme is to be determined.

Hand Painted Nail Art Rules: 
Who is eligible to participate?

Nail Licensed Professionals and Nail students 18+.


How do I enter?

You have two ways to submit your work:

You may submit your work in person the day of the Massachusetts Nail Networking Expo, 

Sunday, March 25 by 11AM.
You may mail your work in by Wednesday, March 18th.  Please make sure it is protected securely. If you’d like your nail art piece returned, please purchase additional postage via EventBright when registering.


What is the entry fee?
 The entry fee is:$40, for Licensed Nail Professionals
$30 for Nail Students (proof of enrollment in school is required)​


Can I enter more than once? 

Competitors are permitted to submit more than one entry HOWEVER the registration fee must be paid for EACH entry. 

What can I use to create my prized possession? 

You may use: Nail polish, acrylic paint, gel polish. NO AIR BRUSHING, FIMO OR STAMPING allowed.Glitter and rhinestones can be used but not exceed 25% of the nail art. Tips must be sealed with topcoat or gel sealant.  This is a FLAT nail art competition. No 3D. 

What do I use for nail tips?

Your entry must consist of 10 nail tips, graduated in size, no longer than 2” in length.Design theme is to be continued on all 10 nails,but tips must remain individual and not be secured to
one another.  Tip color does not matter.

Will I be able to complete my entry at the expo?

 All work must be completed prior to submitting. There will not be any electrical equipment, work stations or products available for use. 

Competitors may NOT use copyrighted art, design or logo. What else do I need to add to my entry?
Competitors are to write 2 summaries consisting of:
1) the products used to create the art (do NOT name specific brands or manufacturers)
2) your interpretation of your theme NO MORE THAN 100 WORDS

How do I display my nail art?

 Please SECURELY display your nail art on a flat plain surface (one color, no texture, no mirror).  
The size of the mounting surface is to be a maximum of 6 inches wide by 8 inches deep by ¼ tall and it must be FLAT, FLUSH AND STURDY.
A shadow box is a good way to display the nail art design.

How is judging done?
Judging will be done by an exhibitor, educator and/or a seasoned nail technician. 
The nail art entered will be assigned a number so that the entrants name is anonymous.
A rubric will be filled out by the judges. Winners will be announced at 3PM.